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"Ngai Jingeri NGIN Gulli"

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"I welcome you here"

The Yerongpan Aboriginal Dancers’ bring cultural educational experiences to your work place, school or special event. It is their pride and passion to share the history and secrets of the oldest living culture in the world, with traditional song and dance, knowledge of survival tools and artwork.

The Yerongpan Aboriginal Dancers’, 'Yerongpan' meaning Sandy country descend from Kirwallie, the great ancestor of the Brisbane region. Kirwallie was known to the European settlers as King Sandy. He was King of the Sandy Country. Performers of the Yerongpan dance group carry the Sandy last name to this day. It is a great honour.

Another ancestor of ours, John Bungaree was the Headman of the Miguntyun Clan to the north of the Brisbane river and was born along Migun Dhagun, the spike bend country now known as Gardens Point.

And another ancestor Bulim Bulim (Bulimba) or Kwae Kwae was the headman of the Yerongpan Clan from the South of the Brisbane river to the Logan region.

We acknowledge our ancestors as they are our connection to the Yuggera and Yugambeh country. Our people are the Miguntyun and Yerongpan clan people of the Brisbane region who speak the Yuggera language and Mununjali peoples of Yugambeh Langauge Gold Coast Region.


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